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Specs: Fernando Botero's Man and Woman

Time: Installed 1998

Budget: Generously donated by the Mariner Kemper Family, UMB Banks, in conjunction with additional private donations

Details: During the administration of Mayor Wellington Webb the Denver Commission on Cultural Affairs raised funds for artwork to be added to the Denver Performing Arts Complex Sculpture Park. Through a selection process facilitated by Denver art consultant Katharine Smith Warren, three works of art were chosen; Donald Lipski, The Yearling; Jonathan Borofsky, Dancers; and Fernando Botero, Man and Woman. Both Borofsky and Botero are sited at the Denver Performing Arts Complex and Mr. Lipski's sculpture is sited at the Denver Public Library

Project team: Colleen Fanning, Public Art Coordinator; John Grant, Public Art Administrator; Fabby Hillyard, Director of the Mayor's Office of Art, Culture and Film; and the Denver Foundation for Art, Culture and Film.

Art: Bringing Botero to Denver

"Man and Woman" Fernando Botero, Columbia, 1998

The deliciously voluptuous artistic style of Fernando Botero's figures have become mascots for the Denver Performing Arts Complex. Thematically both Man and Woman are dressed in evening wear, perfectly suited for this venue. The Man and Woman have fondly been refered to as "the theatre goers".

Space: Bringing Botero to Denver

"Man and Woman" Fernando Botero, Columbia, 1998

The Galleria at the Denver Performing Arts Complex links several small theatres and a parking structure to the Opera House, Symphony Concert Hall and the Buell Theatre. The open-air Galleria was designed by Kevin Roche of Roche-Dinkeloo Associates, inspired by the Galleria in Milan. This space, by way of Curtis Street, links downtown to the sculpture park and the inner-city learning facilities of Auraria Campus. Perfectly sited, the Man and Woman by Botero, play off the height of the glass cornucopia shaped ceiling and the narrow corridor between the theatres and the parking structure.