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Specs: Garden Renovations

Concourse C, Denver International Airport

Time: Renovation complete October 2007

Budget: Approximately $375,000

Details: After investigating critical installation challenges due to unstable foundation over the train system, excavation of all materials was necessary.  The platforms were re-surfaced with water proofing and sealant, and then replanted.  Special thanks to the DIA staff who met with the artist and artists reps to maintain the integrity of the original work of art. Mr. Dave Rhodes, Manager of Maintenance and Engineering and Mr. Reggie Norman, Senior Architect, thank you for understanding the architectural importance of this significant work of art. 

Project team: Colleen Fanning, Art Program Manager and project manager; Bob Hannum Project Manager for Michael Singer Studios, Gordon Melin and Mike Earl with DMJM Airports; Chad Racine and Brett Toll, FCI

Art: An Architectural Garden

Artist Michael Singer has been instrumental in transforming public spaces into thought provoking environments that are quiet and meditative. His understanding of architecture, landscape architecture, and urban design are important components of his work.  Most notably, the Interior Garden is a site-specific work located on concourse C which evokes images of ancient excavated ruins.  Conceptually, excavated ruins on the rolling eastern plains of Colorado, where Denver International Airport is sited, this work offers a unique contemplative space to enjoy before you travel to your next destination.

Space: Bringing the Outside, Inside

The integration of the Interior Garden works harmoniously with the design elements of exposed steel armature and clearstory windows of Concourse C.  The beautiful design of the train platform flooring below the Garden, also designed by Singer, and coupled with the natural light streaming into the center core of the concourse, creates a lovely environment that encourages travelers to linger in the space.