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Specs: Emerging Colorado Filmmakers

Time: Installed October 2005

Budget: Five $12,000 commissions ($60,000) were given to young emerging artists, to support the development of their portfolios by creating original, one-of-a-kind short films for a public space on concourse A mezzanine.

Details: Styles of films range from experimental, clay-mation, narrative, documentary and traditional. Debut of these films were featured at the 2005 Denver International Film Festival.

Project team: Colleen Fanning, Art Program Manager, John Grant, Mimi Moore, Donna Dewey. Selection committee included: Frederick Leahy, Mary Jones, Roc Obenchain, Jamy Jones. Special thanks to the Denver International Airport Maintenance and Engineering Department for their help and contributions to build the Film Center; Jesse Mendoza, Sam Anderson, Tony Stoltz and Tim Strome. 

Artists: Shannon Kelly, Christopher Bagely, Michael White, Casey Koehler, Zachary Maness.

Art: Emerging Filmmakers Commissioned for Unique Project

In 1998, with a grant from the former TCI Cable Company, the Denver International Airport and the Mayor's Office of Art, Culture and Film, offered five opportunities for university film students living in Colorado to create a 10 minute short film specific for DIA.  Each filmmaker incorporated a theme for the project which was "journey", literal or metaphoric.   The filmmakers chose genres such as narrative, experimental, claymation, and documentary.   The emerging student filmmakers selected for this project were, Christopher Bagley, Shannon Kelly, Casey Kohler, Zachary Maness, and Michael White.

There are 34 public art projects sprinkled throughout the landscape of Denver International Airport.  Many of these public art projects incorporated the concept of "journey" in their site specific work.

Space: Bringing independent film to passengers at Denver International Airport

Concourse A mezzanine level, a perfect location to sit and quietly watch short film by contemporary emerging filmmakers if you have a layover or have arrived early for your flight. The Film Center is positioned directly above the Frontier Airline gates on the mezzanine level.

This location was chosen for its quiet coziness which lends itself to viewing film.  Because the airport environment often times evokes tension and anxiety stimulating the senses, this out of the way space offers a quiet respite for a moment to appreciate the creativity of young emerging filmmakers.