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Specs: The Yearling, artist Donald Lipski

Time: Installed 1998

Budget: This sculpture was generously donated to the city of Denver by the NBT Foundation

Details: The Yearling was originally created for P.S. 48 in Washington Heights, New York in 1992. The school found objections with the work and by 1997 The Yearling was removed. The Public Art Fund sponsored the temporary installation of the work in the Doris Friedman Plaza, Central Park, NY in 1997 where it became available for sale through Galerie LeLong. Presented to a Denver Blue Ribbon Committee for consideration for the Denver Performing Arts Complex sculpture park, one committee member fell in love with the work and purchased it as a gift to the city of Denver.

Project team: Colleen Fanning, Public Art Coordinator; John Grant, Public Art Administrator; Fabby Hillyard, Director, Mayor's Office of Art, Culture and Film; Katharine Smith Warren; The Denver Foundation of Art, Culture and Film; Blue Ribbon Committee included, Carlos Fresquez, Virginia Folkstad, Eddie Robinson, Jill Crow, Noel Congdon, Nancy Tieken, Mariner Kemper.


The Yearling, Donald Lipski, New York, 1998

This wonderfully imaginative work by Donald Lipski is a fresh alternative to the traditional bronze sculptures across the street in the Civic Center Park by artist Alexander Phimister Proctor. The 21 ft tall red steel chair with a fiberglass spotted pony perched upon the seat, plays on a child's perspective of scale. This work evokes wonder even in adults and has been lovingly-embraced by the people of Denver.

Space: Playfulness for the Children's wing of the Denver Public Library

The Yearling, Donald Lipski, New York, 1998

Placement directly outside the children's wing of the Denver Public Library was a perfect idea for this imaginative sculpture with its child-like qualities. Directly following the renovation of the DPL by architect Michael Graves, 14th Avenue Parkway has lent itself nicely for the permanent home for this sculpture. Today, with the renovation of the Denver Art Museum, the Civic Center now connects The Golden Triangle arts district to the business district of downtown Denver. The Yearling is in the company of many wonderful sculptures by Louise Bourgeois, Claus Oldenburg, and Mark di Suvero.