Incorporating artwork can attract a larger idea or cause and so often can create a deeper cultural discovery for your audience. 

There are a few simple but key ideas Fanning Partnership explores with you:

  • Discovery and visioning process to determine your key objectives.
  • Finding strategic affiliations that build partnerships for your business.
  • Telling the story for positive media coverage that can inspire goodwill.
  • Facilitate opportunities for the art to bring new meaning to a previously unexplored demographic.

An Example: Emerging Artists Program
In 2006, Fanning Partnership developed and implemented an emerging artists program for Colorado artists to be installed at Denver International Airport.  This program trains, educates and prepares artists to work in the field of public art.  Creating buy-in with the DIA Division of Architecture and Engineering, artist work alongside amazing professionals with years of experience who will guide these artists as they develop skills to collaborate effectively. 

Result: By offering opportunities to Colorado artists we support our local economy and create a new pool of skilled professionals to seek projects in other states.