Fanning Partnership brings a vision for great public art; where the desires of architects, engineers, and artists find unity to become a practical reality and help transform a space for the client/owner. Excellent strategic planning is found in the project details and in the fulfillment of an owner’s desire to leave behind a legacy.

Fanning Partnership gives practical support above and beyond what a typical arts consultant can provide, offering knowledge of building codes from a Federal Aviation regulation standpoint, far stricter than municipal codes. 

Fanning Partnership oversees the structural and logistic details of integrating art into a public space, keeping the artist or design team on time and on budget.

Project management portfolio sample:

Michael Singer, “Garden” — Concourse C, Denver International Airport

Original Budget: $950,000; Renovation: $375,000

Doug Hollis, “Mountain Mirage”, Great Hall, Jeppesen Terminal,
Denver International Airport

Original Budget: All inclusive, $2.5 Million; Renovation: $200,000

Luis Jimenez, “Mustang”, Pena Boulevard, Denver International Airport
Original Commission: $300,000

Fanning Partnership works intensely with the artist, to get the required information, the size and shape and weight, code information, and creates a living guideline for all of the installation requirements for the location.
Frank Palumbo, Senior Engineer, Denver International Airport