The Integration of Art in the Built Environment

Fanning Partnership helps create a meaningful art experience for the public. We manage complete programming designed to embrace your demographic. We help city planners, architects and developers bring notoriety and harmony to designed spaces by evaluating and planning every stage of the process.

The practical realities of public art integration require a different kind of expert: One who has an understanding of the hands-on and ever-changing compliance standards that determine public art success.

A city, architects, engineers, and artists each solve problems differently.  Colleen Fanning entered the field of public art in 1996, filling the gap between the commissioning agency and the owner / developer by heading off any possible issues surrounding regulations, compliance, feasibility and politics.  

No other art consultant or art strategist in the U.S. provides the kind of comprehensive hands-on installation and knowledge of codes, combined with revenue generating ways to incorporate that program as Fanning Partnership.
Reggie Norman, Denver International Airport Architect, AIA

Building Bridges

It means providing you and your firm with a public art curatorial safety net for incident engineering: Ensuring the best experience possible with the least amount of risk.

It also translates as the ability to deploy a 14 year history of success in navigating the litigation issues that affect everything from public safety to copyright issues.

Fanning Partnership helps your firm identify locations that will enhance the design of your building, addressing issues of scale while preserving valuable floor space for vendors, kiosks and wayfinding. Fanning Partnership possesses essential knowledge of building codes from a Federal Aviation regulation standpoint, which are far stricter than municipal regulations.

The best result keeps the artistic vision alive, and everyone involved communicating and collaborating enthusiastically.  Fanning Partnership offers the best possible advantage for a long-lasting and sustainable program, one that earns legitimacy spending approval from all sides.

All of that takes more than strategy.  It requires Fanning Partnership's years of experience and the technical and visionary bridge between city planners, architects, artists and engineers.

Fanning Partnership. The way it all comes together.